love spells in Denver

To cast this spell, you’ll need to check the moon cycle. It can only be performed during the three nights of the waxing moon. Make sure you’re truly ready to reconnect with your ex because this spell works quickly – you’ll see the results within just a few days. Prepare for this love spell cast by gathering a few supplies: a red candle, a photo of your ex, paper, a pencil, and a spoon filled with honey.
When the moon cycle is right and you’re ready to start the spell casting session, begin by lighting the red candle. Sit with it for three minutes with your attention focused on the flame. Next, turn your attention toward the photograph of your ex and imagine the two of you reuniting and reconciling. The more vivid and detailed your visualizations the better. Take a piece of paper with your pencil and write both your name and your ex’s name – draw a circle around both of your names.
Reach over to your spoon filled with honey and begin to drizzle the honey on both of your names on the paper. As you perform this ritual, recite the following incantation out loud:
“I wish for you to return to me with this spell; may we create a connection that lasts.” 
Place the spoon aside and sit in a comfortable position to meditate for three minutes. Focus on your breath – breathe deeply into your belly through your nose and exhale slowly through your mouth. This will calm your mind and ease your feelings. Once you’ve entered a state of calm, go ahead and blow out the candle. Thank the fire for working with you and save the candle for use the next night.
Take the paper you used and rip it into as many small pieces as you can. Take the remnants into your garden and bury them deep. Make sure no one can see or find them, as this will render the spell ineffective. On the next night of the waxing moon, go ahead and repeat this ritual, using the same process and incantation. Use the same candle as the first night. Repeat once more on the third night of the waxing moon and prepare to receive your ex with open arms. Please contact me for more knowledge about this spell.