Love spells in Birmingham

On the flip side of things, someone might have wronged you, and you want to get square with them. And the best way you have seen that would be possible is making them your slave using a witchcraft spell for love. When this happens, they become head over heels for you, and everything you say, they do.
And since it is all punishment, you use this bind to deny them the one thing that would make them happy. And that is you! If you do not love them back, they fall into a pit of despair and depression. They also stop taking care of themselves, their hygiene, health, and even wealth. And by the time you are done taunting them, they have lost it all. If that was your goal with the love me spell that work, then mission accomplished, and you have what you wanted. Do not look any further, contact Mama Mariah now for all these spell power combinations.